Paul Colley

Paul Colley

North American Account Manager

From the great Lone Star state of Texas hails Paul Colley – one of the most knowledgeable minds of the BIBS system. His tenure in the building industry brings tremendous value to Service Partners and the BIBS system, and there is good reason for it. He has been a specifier and practitioner of high-performance insulation systems for almost 30 years.

Paul’s role with the BIBS system is an important one. His title is North American Account Manager, but his responsibilities go beyond those four words. Everything from the system’s manufacturing process to managing the relationships with partners, to marketing, sales and training, to operations management and customer service – simply put, there isn’t much relating to the BIBS system Paul doesn’t handle. His dedication to the team and the BIBS system customer is unparalleled. Some might even consider him Chief Evangelist of the BIBS system. Paul’s genuine spirit makes his approach to customer service a valued addition to the company. His approach is simple.

“Get to the truth and solve the problem.”
And at the end of the day, Paul is “Chief Problem Solver” of the BIBS system.

Paul believes continuing education is paramount for anyone in our industry. His degree from the University of Kansas, School of Architecture (Environmental Design, Residential), coupled with additional education in Business from Ozark Christian College and Education from Dallas Christian College, allows him to relate to most aspects of the construction industry and helps him increase awareness of the BIBS system and the BIBS hp system to the home buyer, construction services, code enforcement agencies and architectural communities across North America.

It is easy to see Paul’s passion for the BIBS system. “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.” He can be heard sharing this wisdom in his trainings and it is what inspires Paul to share his deep knowledge of the system with contractors, buyers, and builders. The BIBS system is unlike any other high performance insulation system on the market today. It is different. It challenges people to think differently and to challenge convention. Paul challenges the status quo in the pursuit of making a difference in the efficiency and comfort of today’s buildings.

Cheryl Pettinari

Cheryl Pettinari

Operations Manager

With almost 15 years with Service Partners, Cheryl knows insulation, insulation contractors, and their business. She could practically do her job with her eyes closed; rather, she focuses her attention on managing the details of customer service at the highest level. Her background has been in business management and that is the exact role she fills for the BIBS system.

Essentially, Cheryl manages the day-to-day operations for the BIBS system and is CPS, the Chief Problem Solver. Every step in the distribution and operations process – from understanding customer needs, to order fulfillment and shipping, to financial management, through to customer follow up – Cheryl makes sure it is done with care, finesse, and an unprecedented attention to detail. She is part operations expert and part mind reader.

“Customers can count on me to go the extra mile to take care of their needs. It is a service level they can trust.” 

Cheryl knows her customers, their business needs, and job requirements and always gets the job done. This is what makes Cheryl an integral part of what makes the BIBS system the industry leading, high performance insulation system on the market today.

Francis Cloudt

Francis Cloudt

Senior Vice President, R-Factor Rocky Mountains

Discipline, agility, and finesse defines Francis’ approach to business. With a background in construction, Francis transitioned naturally into the insulation and building materials industry. Before coming to Service Partners, he was with Knauf Insulation for more than nine years. At Knauf, he started as a Territory Manager and advanced to Director of Sales for the Western Region, where he was responsible for managing 28 states and developing a team of 14 Territory Managers.

Francis came to Service Partners in January, 2011 and is General Manager of the Rocky Mountain Region, a role that manages all aspects of the business for five high-performing branches – Denver, CO, Salt Lake City, UT, Boise, ID, Phoenix, AZ, Las Vegas, NV, Rapid City, SD, and El Paso, TX. Francis maintains a management role for the BIBS system and ensures all components of the system, distribution, and service delivery model meet the needs of customers. As General Manager, he supports BIBS with a disciplined sales and operations approach that puts customer serviceability at the pinnacle. In addition to his role with the BIBS system, he manages the strategic business goals, sales, and operations for Service Partners’ core business – distributing insulation and accessories.

“Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.”
– Vince Lombardi

Francis practices that same philosophy in his approach to building strong business relationships. When you win with customers, you win at business.