Architects are always looking for the latest and greatest ways to improve the design and build of structures. Many architects stay current on new trends in building systems through self investigation. Some garner new product awareness and knowledge from continuing education. Others simply rely on trusted systems that have proven their performance for years with solid track records.  Introducing new technologies and systems that have decades of proven performance is the best combination.

Proven System
Technically speaking, the BIBS system provides architects an insulation system that is flexible and can conform to their many design requirements. It is ideal for odd shaped and tough to fit spaces. The typical design process puts the specification of critical building systems in the hands of architects for track/volume houses, multi-family, and even commercial. This means architects and other spec writers must understand the benefits of the various systems, making product education extremely important. The BIBS system meets jurisdictions demands for increased efficiency and higher R-values with the added benefit of design flexibility. The BIBS system’s ability to conform to any size of wall cavity makes it the ideal insulation system to meet the demands of today’s architect.


Builders will find homeowners value the comfort and efficiency of a home insulated with the BIBS system.

Works with any blueprint, fits any configuration.
Cavities. Curves. Vaulted ceilings. Crawl spaces. Custom windows. The BIBS system is a proven, time-tested, premium insulation that fits any configuration, any custom situation, and any size home. It blows in easily, fills completely, and lasts for the life of your home when installed correctly by a BIBS certified contractor.

Fills gaps and voids for thermal efficiency.
Some insulation systems leave voids or gaps, but the BIBS system completely fills the space, controlling sound and reducing air infiltration in the wall cavity. So your house is comfortable, quiet, and thermally efficient.

Safe and easy to install.
Developed by Ark-Seal over 20 years ago, the BIBS system is one of the most widely accepted and independently tested blown-in wall systems used today. Little wonder—it’s easy to apply, clean, fast, and effective. It’s also fire-resistant, moisture resistant and does not attract or act as sustenance for animals. Because the BIBS system uses noncombustible fiberglass, chemicals and noxious odors will not develop over time. With the BIBS system, loose-fill insulation is blown behind a proprietary fabric using a specific installation technique. The BIBS system can only be installed by qualified contractors trained by a certified BIBS instructor and only approved insulation products may be used. These include: Johns Manville’s Climate Pro® and Spider®; CertainTeed’s OPTIMA®, InsulSafe®SP, and InsulSafe®XC; and Knauf Insulation’s Jet Stream® ULTRA and Jet Stream® MAX.

Optimum comfort and performance.
The BIBS system is simply superior, from top to bottom. In addition to sidewalls and metal framing, the BIBS system is the ideal insulation to be used under floors, in ceilings, and wherever sound control is needed. The BIBS system is the perfect insulation for today’s custom homes. It offers outstanding thermal performance and high R-values, reducing heating and cooling costs, and leaving you with an energy efficient home. It never settles, separates, and will not corrode pipes or wires.