The benefits of the BIBS system make it the ideal choice for insulating residential homes, commercial or industrial buildings. In fact, more and more builders and contractors are looking for high-performance insulation systems to meet the efficiency demands of both homeowners and jurisdictions.

Higher Efficiency R-ValuesHigher Efficiency R-Values

The BIBS system is a high-density insulation solution for commercial and residential building applications that delivers higher R-values than traditional insulation alternatives, saving you costly heating and cooling expenses.


Reduced Air InfiltrationReduced Air Infiltration

National laboratory tests show that the BIBS system reduces air infiltration up to 68% over conventional batt-type insulation alternatives, providing more comfort.


Excellent Sound ControlExcellent Sound Control

The BIBS system completely fills around pipes, wires and other objects inside the cavity to help eliminate air gaps, resulting in excellent sound control.



The BIBS system does not settle. The unique process of placing a measured amount of dense-pack fiberglass blowing wool behind a proprietary, dust-free fabric virtually eliminates settling.*


Non-Flammable and No FormaldehydeFlammability

The BIBS system is naturally non-flammable. The system utilizes a proprietary fabric and approved fiberglass blowing wools that meet ASTM C764 Testing Criteria for smoldering combustion and ASTM E136 for non-combustion.


Improved Air QualityImproved Home Comfort

Many factors influence the comfort of your home. A consistent density of fiberglass blowing wool helps reduce pathways for moisture, outdoor allergens, pollutants, and pests making a home more comfortable.


BIBS_Icon_CertifiedCertified Installation and Trusted Performance

The BIBS system can only be installed by a certified Blow-in Blanket contractor who has been trained in the proper installation of all system components.


BIBS_Icon_RecycledRecycled Content

In addition to its energy-saving heating and cooling costs and custom-fit qualities, the BIBS system incorporates fiberglass blowing wools made with 25% or greater recycled content.


*When installed correctly