The BIBS system is unlike traditional insulation products and even other blown-in wall insulation systems. It is the “Original” blow-in blanket system backed by decades of laboratory research and proven field performance that provide contractors and homeowners alike with an unparalleled level of performance confidence.

The BIBS system training program is an intensive certification program that provides a well-rounded training curriculum. It consists of classroom training where the principles of building science – including thermal insulation, sound attenuation, air infiltration, moisture migration, and ventilation – in addition to installation techniques for the BIBS system. It also includes a critical field-training component that shares proper installation techniques and best practices.

Specialized Training
The BIBS system is dedicated to delivering a quality product. Certified contractors abide by a strict code of conduct and ethics that helps ensure quality and professionalism throughout the entire installation process. Contractors earn certification through rigorous classroom and on-site training, and must pass an examination to earn certification.

The BIBS system specially developed the Contractor Certification Training Program to support builders and provide homeowners with peace of mind knowing they’ve chosen the right system – AND – the right contractor. Only contractors who have been trained and certified can install the system. Additionally, density testing of cavity insulation helps ensure each unique installation of the BIBS system meets strict standards, thus providing the level of performance customers expect.

What you will learn:
• Building science
• Insulation terms and key concepts
• Overview
• Benefits and applications of the BIBS system
• Installation process
• Building business and marketing the system
• Practical field training

Installation Process
Insulation is only as effective as its installation. If voids and gaps are left unfilled, heat escapes and sound transmits, negating much of your insulation’s protective benefits. It is essential to use the best quality materials and equally as important, is to trust the contractor has been trained and certified properly. This is why certification is a mandatory component to install the BIBS system. Only certified contractors can install the BIBS system.