Certification Counts
When you select the BIBS system as the insulation system for your home, you are purchasing peace of mind. Insulation is only as effective as it is installed. If voids and gaps are left unfilled, heat and sound can pass from inside to outside and from room to room thus negating much of the insulation’s protective properties. Therefore, it is paramount to use the finest quality materials combined with trained and certified people to install your home’s insulation.

When you are building a home, it is important to use contractors with integrity who are committed to keeping the project on schedule while delivering the finest quality installation. The Contractor Certification Training Program was developed with the homeowner in mind. No other product in your home is as critical to the overall comfort and energy efficiency for the life of the home. The BIBS system is a state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly, custom fit insulation process utilizing specially manufactured fiber glass blowing wools that are installed in your home by certified professionals. This process provides you with the highest effective R-values attainable today.

There is no substitute for quality in your home; there is no substitute for a certified BIBS system contractor. This gives peace of mind for you and your family.

BIBS Certified Contractor