January 29, 2014 - Service Partners revitalizes the Blow-In Blanket® system brand

January 29, 2014 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Service Partners revitalizes the Blow-In Blanket® system brand 

Service Partners unveils a new look for the Blow-In Blanket® system brand and shares plans to increase awareness for the high performance insulation system.

Service Partners, LLC proudly announces that Blow-In Blanket® system has rebranded and is now BIBS®.   This refresh updates the fundamental elements of the brand’s visual identity, including the logo, graphical identifier, and tagline. The brand name changed from the original (and lengthier) brand name Blow-In Blanket system to BIBS, the name most commonly used to refer to the premium insulation system. The new logo has a more refined and simplified appearance, and yet it shows a powerful association with the high performance insulation category.


New Marketing Materials and Training Programs

Updating the BIBS brand provides Service Partners with the opportunity to revise critical marketing communication materials in addition to other sales and training programs. The newly introduced collateral suite shows the BIBS offering with a more modernized look and feel and reflects new messaging that will help the Company expand outreach into new applications.

There were several reasons that prompted the evolution of the Blow-In Blanket system brand. The foremost goal was to update the logo and look and feel for the system that would lay the foundation to build a world-class brand. “As an organization, we recognized the importance of BIBS reasserting its position as a leader in both residential and commercial high performance insulation systems,” said Mike Herbert, Senior Vice President of Business Development with Service Partners. “Since our acquisition of the Blow-In Blanket system brand and company, we introduced BIBS® HP, a revolutionary hybrid system that combines the performance benefits of spray polyurethane foam with the original Blow-In Blanket system to create a high-performance insulation solution. It was time to recalibrate and bring a new and more powerful face of the brand to the marketplace.” Simply put, brands cannot stand still and must be updated to ensure they resonate with customers and industry participants. This refresh ensures the BIBS brand does just that.

Shift in Strategic Direction

Now that the Blow-In Blanket Contractors Association (BIBCA) has become High Performance Insulation Professionals (HPIP), Service Partners has made an important strategic business decision to maintain all of its BIBS product management and training support in-house. Historically, Service Partners permitted BIBCA to offer product management and training support services to certified BIBS contractors. This shift now realigns the BIBS product and training services exclusively under the Service Partners family of brands and companies. Mike Herbert shared, “BIBS and BIBS HP offer many competitive advantages over traditional insulation systems and we believe this change will help increase awareness and grow the adoption of both.”

In addition to the changes in the visual identity of the brand, there have also been several updates to BIBS as used in Canada. Most specifically, the relative R-Value for BIBS installed in Canada has been increased to R-24, making it a formidable offering when compared to traditional fiberglass insulation products.

What This Means to Service Partners’ Customers and the Industry

Customers and others in the industry will immediately notice the brand’s new look and will also see updates in customer, product training, and other marketing programs. Additional initiatives (currently in development) will be launching in the coming months. These initiatives include a new BIBS-specific website with many online resources sharing why the Company believes BIBS is among the most efficient and cost effective insulation solutions available. Education and training will continue to be a priority for Service Partners. Recent updates to the product’s training program have made it more effective and engaging, resulting in greater information retention and encouraging brand affinity. This updated training program counts as NCEUs toward continuing education credit for both RESNET and BPI certifications. It will also help ensure that contractors are more educated on the proper use, installation, and documentation for BIBS. Lastly, a webinar series will launch in Q1 to provide an educational resource for both buyers and distributors. “Brand awareness, product training, and ongoing education is the key to successfully growing the BIBS brand,” said Paul Colley, North American Account Manager for BIBS.

The timing of this strategic brand refresh corresponds with the growing interest in more efficient building system design. “High performance insulation systems are one of the most effective ways to make structures efficient,” Francis Cloudt added. “We will continue to focus on residential, home builders, and commercial uses. We further believe the new BIBS brand will provide a strong foundation to grow awareness and expand distribution into new applications and geographic regions.”