Behind the walls of the most energy-efficient homes is the BIBS system, the leading residential and commercial insulation system. The BIBS system is a high-performance insulation system that places approved fiberglass blowing wools into the walls, floors, attics, and ceilings behind the proprietary BIBS system fabric. This process forms a seamless blanket of insulation that completely fills around pipes, wires, and other objects inside the cavity, eliminating costly voids and air gaps. The end result creates a thermal envelope and makes the building more energy efficient.


Energy Efficiency

With energy prices increasing more than 4% annually and rising concern over global warming, energy-efficient homes are on the minds of today’s homebuyers. Fiber glass insulation is a proven energy-saving measure that is most commonly used in homes built today. However, many traditional fiberglass applications, like batt and other dense pack insulation systems leave gaps and may settle, leading to heat loss. The BIBS system offers a solution that maximizes energy efficiency and saves you heating and cooling costs. In addition to the added comfort of a superior insulation system, these savings are something homebuyers enjoy for the life of their home.

Consistent High Performance

A building insulated with the BIBS system has advantages that last the life of the structure. The BIBS system helps achieve a complete thermal envelope with virtually no gaps or settling. This results in maximum comfort, increased sound control, and energy savings in heating and cooling costs. The BIBS system provides for complete coverage against humid air currents and helps protect against moisture absorption without rot or deterioration can increase the durability of the building. Fewer building problems mean happier homeowners and profitable builders. Learn more about the thermal performance of the BIBS system by reading this whitepaper from Tennessee Technical University.

Resource Conservation

The BIBS system utilizes glass fibers engineered to deliver maximum performance with minimal weight. Due to the lightweight, compressible nature of the blowing wool fiber, there is less packaging and less energy used to transport the material to the building job site. Sand used in fiberglass is naturally plentiful and is a renewable resource. Fiberglass is also manufactured utilizing recycled glass, putting waste material to productive use. BIBS originates in factories using between 29 to 100% post-consumer products.

Additive Free System Components

The blowing wool fibers approved for use in the BIBS system contain no formaldehyde, binders, or dyes. This helps create a healthier environment and more comfortable home free from additives used in other insulation systems.

Clean Installation

The blowing wool fibers used in the BIBS system are contained behind a proprietary fabric which promotes a clean and healthy job site. Additionally, special clean up is not required at the time of installation and no maintenance is necessary during the life of the building.

Certified and Trusted Performance

The BIBS system is LEED certified, approved by RESNET, ENERGY STAR® compliant, and other groups in the building industry recognize the efficiency of the BIBS system, such as BPI, Passive Home Institute and other Green Guilds across North America.