The Ultimate High-Performance Insulation at an Affordable Price Point

The insulation system used in your home has critical impact on its comfort and its heating and cooling efficiency. Behind the walls of the most energy-efficient homes is the BIBS® system (Blow-In Blanket® system), the industry leading residential and commercial high-performance insulation system.

The BIBS system is a proven, state-of-the-art insulation system utilizing specially manufactured fiberglass blowing wools installed in the walls, floors, attics, and ceilings behind a proprietary fabric. The system forms a seamless blanket of dense-packed, fiberglass insulation that completely fills around pipes, wires and other objects inside the cavity to maximize thermal efficiency and virtually eliminates costly voids and air gaps. This process helps provide you with the highest, full cavity effective R-values attainable today.

The BIBS system is a premium insulation system that fits any blueprint, any design configuration, and any size home or commercial building project. The BIBS system can be used in retro-fit and new construction (both wood and steel frame,) residential, industrial, agricultural, and commercial buildings, including walls, ceilings, floors, or wherever insulation is required or sound control is needed. It installs cleanly and easily. It completely fills the wall cavity with a consistent density of insulation that lasts for the life of your home when installed correctly. Unlike other insulation systems that may leave voids or gaps, the BIBS system creates a perfect fit, which controls sound and reduces air infiltration in the wall cavity. This helps create a house that is comfortable, snug, quiet, and thermally efficient.

The BIBS system is the ideal insulation for today’s building structures. It offers outstanding thermal performance and high R-values. It saves you on heating and cooling energy costs. It will not settle or separate, corrode pipes or wires. It is also fire-resistant, moisture-resistant and does not attract or act as sustenance for animals. The BIBS system uses specially approved fiberglass blowing wools that are non-combustible and do not contain noxious odors or chemical additives (like formaldehyde.)


The original blow-in blanket system insulation concept was introduced in the 1950s with a simple goal – to create a system with higher R-values, increased fire resistance, was chemical free, did not settle, provided a consistent application of insulation, and increased energy efficiency. These key performance goals have not changed in almost 50 years and the BIBS system continues to be a leader in building insulation systems today.

After nearly 25 years of laboratory testing, the BIBS system was formally introduced in 1984. Research validated the performance of the concept by both private and industry-related testing organizations such as:

  • Oakridge Laboratories
  • NAIMA (North American Insulation Manufacturing Association)
  • National Research Council of Canada
  • Knauf Insulation Product Testing
  • JM Technical Center
  • CertainTeed Technical Laboratory