The BIBS Hybrid Performance Insulation System

The BIBS® hp system is a revolutionary hybrid system that combines the performance benefits of the original Blow-In Blanket system with spray polyurethane foam to achieve a unparalleled insulation solution for both residential and commercial buildings. Fiberglass blowing wool and spray polyurethane foam are two of the most effective choices for insulating a home – and when combined, reduce air infiltration and attain some of the highest R-values available today.

The installation process is simple and like the original BIBS system, it is a clean installation with little waste. First, a certified contractor applies polyurethane spray foam to the wall cavity to creates a continuous air barrier, virtually eliminating gaps and air leakage. Then, the contractor installs the proprietary BIBS system fabric to the face of the wall cavity. Lastly, approved fiberglass blowing wool is blown into the walls, floors, attics, or ceilings. The fiberglass insulation completely fills the wall cavity around pipes, wires, and other objects inside the cavity to a consistent density, thus achieving a correlating R-value. This high level of insulation performance maximizes the thermal efficiency of the building envelope. Depending on climate zone and moisture/temperature conditions, a vapor retarder may be required.


Reduced Air Infiltration

Reduced Air Infiltration
National laboratory tests show the BIBS system reduces air infiltration up to 68% over conventional batt-type insulation, providing more comfort.

Excellent Sound ControlExcellent Sound Control
The BIBS system completely fills around objects inside the wall cavity, resulting in excellent sound control. Contact us for specific STC Ratings.

Higher Efficiency R-ValuesHigher Efficiency R-Values
The BIBS system is a high-density insulation solution that delivers the highest R-values attainable today, saving you heating and cooling energy and money.

The BIBS system will not settle when installed correctly. The unique process of placing a densely-packed blanket of fiberglass behind a dust-free fabric virtually eliminates settling.

Non-Flammable and No FormaldehydeFlammability
The BIBS system is naturally non-flammable. It meets ASTM C764 testing criteria for smoldering combustion and ASTM E136 for non-combustion.

BIBS_Icon_RecycledRecycled Content
In addition to its energy-saving and custom-fit qualities, the BIBS system incorporates fiberglass blowingwools made with 25% or greater recycled content.

Improved Air QualityImproved Home Comfort
Many factors influence the comfort and air quality of your home. A continuous air barrier of both spray polyurethane foam and fiberglass blowingwools help reduce pathways for moisture, allergens, pollutants, and pests.

BIBS_Icon_CertifiedCertified Installation and Trusted Performance
The BIBS system must be installed by a certified Blow-in Blanket contractor who has been trained in the proper installation of all system components.


BIBS hp Physical Properties