The Original Blow-In Blanket System
The Blow-In Blanket® system or the BIBS® system is a proven, state-of-the-art insulation system utilizing specially manufactured fiberglass blowing wools installed in the walls, floors, attics, or ceilings behind a proprietary fabric. The system forms a seamless blanket of insulation that completely fills around pipes, wires, and other objects inside the cavity to maximize thermal efficiency and performance of the building envelope. The BIBS system provides with the highest attainable R-values available today.

Projects and applications that leverage the BIBS system come together quickly, cleanly, and easily. Below is a tiny house insulation project installed by Green Home Care Incorporated.

The potential uses are unlimited. The BIBS system can be used in:

  • Retro-fit and new construction, including wood and steel frame
  • Residential homes
  • Commercial buildings
  • Industrial buildings
  • Metal Buildings
  • Interior Sound Walls

The chart shows the R-value of the insulation identified. R means resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power. Ask your dealer about local codes and required R-values for the geographic region where the product will be used. The BIBS system must be installed by a trained and certified contractor.

BIBS R-Value Recommended Fiber Densities

Non-Flammable and Non-Combustible
The BIBS system is naturally non-flammable. It uses a specially manufactured, proprietary fabric and approved fiberglass blowing wools that meet ASTM C 764 Testing Criteria for smoldering combustion and ASTM E 136 for non-combustion.
Flame Spread: 5
Smoke Development: 5

The BIBS system has been evaluated and accepted by the following government agencies: CCMC #13198R & 11790R

Code Standards
The BIBS system meets the following standards:
– International Building Code
– International Residential Code
– International Energy Conservation Code

Approved Fibers
Certainteed InsulSafe®SP, InsulSafe®XC, & Optima®
Johns Manville Climate Pro® & Spider™
Knauf Jet Stream ULTRA and Jet Stream MAX (formerly Perimeter Plus™)

Thermal Resistance
ASTM C-518 tests for the BIBS system show the following R-values:
3 1/2” . . . . . R-15 (R-4.23 per inch)
5 1/2” . . . . . R-23

The BIBS system can only be installed by contractors certified by a Blow-In Blanket instructor.