The BIBS system uses best in class product components to create one of the leading high-performance insulation systems available today. We partner with leading manufacturers of insulation products and expect products to meet specific performance criteria. As a certified system, we stand behind both the certified professionals who install the BIBS systems and the benefits to the home or building owners.
Johns Manville


CertainTeed Approved Components


The BIBS system with OPTIMA® fiber glass insulation OPTIMA ADVANTAGES

  • Thermally Efficient
  • Cost-Effective
  • Excellent Sound Control
  • Won’t Settle
  • Sustainable Energy Efficiency
  • GREENGUARD® Children and Schools Certified
  • Installs Dry
  • Won’t Absorb Moisture
  • Noncombustible
  • Noncorrosive
  • Lasts For The Life Of A Home
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Formaldehyde-Free
By filling all voids and gaps, the BIBS system with OPTIMA blowing wool insulation significantly reduces unwanted sounds from appliances, televisions, teenagers, stereos and ventilation systems. And installing it around pipes and plumbing fixtures will help decrease the noise common with running water – ideal for master bedroom suites, bathrooms, in-home offices, and entertainment rooms. For more on sound control, visit WON’T SETTLE
The BIBS system with OPTIMA blowing wool insulation will not settle or separate. That means the insulation will maintain its thermal efficiency for the life of the home. SUSTAINABLE
OPTIMA blowing wool insulation is manufactured by CertainTeed, a company committed to sustainable building practices and a member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). The product is formaldehyde-free and is GREENGUARD® Gold Certified for superior indoor air quality. OPTIMA improves energy efficiency and reduces heating and cooling energy consumption. It is also LEED® eligible, as are a number of other CertainTeed insulation products. You can earn credits under LEED and similar green building rating systems. CertainTeed was the first insulation manufacturer to earn the ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year award. In 2014, CertainTeed achieved this distinction for a sixth consecutive year, earning the highest honor of Sustained Excellence. THE BEST SIDEWALL INSULATION SYSTEM
Protect your homes with the BIBS system with OPTIMA blowing wool from CertainTeed. With its seamless installation, the BIBS system with OPTIMA blowing wool insulation provides outstanding thermal efficiency that can pay dividends throughout the life of a home and differentiate you in your market.  OPTIMA blowing wool insulation is blown behind a proprietary BIBS system fabric specially manufactured for CertainTeed OPTIMA installations. Both the OPTIMA blowing wool insulation and fabric were specifically designed for closed cavity applications. THERMALLY EFFICIENT ANDCOST-EFFECTIVE
With the most Rs per inch, the BIBS system with OPTIMA blowing wool insulation provides the highest R-value in typical sidewall applications. When installed at recommended density levels, it yields an R-15 in 2″ x 4″ construction and an R-23 in 2″ x 6″ construction. A CUSTOM-FIT BLANKET
What separates the BIBS system with OPTIMA blowing wools from other insulation systems is its custom-fit seamless thermal blanket and outstanding thermal performance in irregular-shaped cavities and around obstructions. FILLS VOIDS
Tests show that even a small gap in an insulated cavity can cause a substantial increase in heating or cooling costs. The BIBS system with OPTIMA blowing wool insulation makes it easier for installers to provide a superior insulation job with no voids around wires, electrical boxes and pipes. And odd-sized framing assemblies are no problem. In fact, there’s no cutting or fitting. The absence of voids means you’re assured of full R-value for a superior finished job and exceptional thermal efficiency. The BIBS system with OPTIMA blowing wool insulation provides a continuous thermal barrier around water pipes, and delivers outstanding acoustic control. It completely surrounds electrical boxes to help prevent costly drafts and cold spots.

Johns Manville Approved Components

Johns Manville JM FORMALDEHYDE-FREE™ FIBER GLASS INSULATION JM Formaldehyde-free™ fiber glass building insulation offers the thermal and acoustical performance you expect from fiber glass—and it improves indoor air quality, because it’s made without formaldehyde. Why is that important? Because reducing overall formaldehyde levels in the home creates a healthier living environment, and choosing JM Formaldehyde-free™ insulation is one way of achieving that goal. JM offers a complete line of Formaldehyde-free™ fiber glass building insulation. Visit or for more information. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION
The BIBS system is a patented process for installing JM Climate Pro loose-fill insulation. Climate Pro insulation is blown in behind the BIBS system proprietary fabric for complete coverage and high R-value efficiency in any size or shape cavity. The BIBS system provides a custom fit for thermally and acoustically superior insulation in walls, ceilings and floors. When installed to the BIBS system specifications, Climate Pro insulation does not settle, retaining its original R-value. APPLICATIONS
The BIBS system with Climate Pro blowing wool insulation is ideal for all wall cavities and the irregular and nonconforming areas around custom windows, arches and cathedral ceilings, and in floors. Note: In colder climate areas, vapor retarders are often placed toward the heated or conditioned side of the wall. This is done to reduce water vapor penetration into the wall from the building interior. Check your local building code for vapor retarder requirements. RECOMMENDED STORAGE AND TRANSPORT
Store insulation indoors. Keep insulation clean and dry at all times. When transporting, cover completely with a waterproof tarpaulin as necessary. INSTALLATION
Only trained and certified BIBS system contractors can install the BIBS system. Contact your local JM sales representative for an authorized contractor. SPECIFICATION COMPLIANCE – CLIMATE PRO INSULATION
ASTM C764, Type I
CAN/ULC-S102.2 and ASTM E84 Flame Spread 25 or less, Smoke Developed 50 or less

Knauf Approved Components

  • ULTRA-performance in attics and sidewalls. Never settles
  • ULTRA-convenient. One product, one inventory, two applications
  • ULTRA-sustainable. Minimum 50% post-consumer recycled glass content
  • Each bag contains the equivalent of over 46 recycled bottles
  • ULTRA-fast, ULTRA-easy installation
Knauf Insulation Jet Stream® ULTRA Glass Mineral Wool Blowing Insulation is an unbonded, virgin fibrous glass blowing insulation designed with optimal thermal properties and excellent coverage and blowing characteristics. APPLICATION
Knauf Insulation Jet Stream® ULTRA Glass Mineral Wool Blowing Insulation is installed in open attics of both new and existing structures and/or in closed cavity applications with the BIBS system. Jet Stream® ULTRA, when used in closed cavity applications is BIBS system approved and can only be installed by the BIBS system certified installers to ensure the highest quality installed performance. FEATURES AND BENEFITS
Excellent Thermal Performance
  • Fills all gaps and voids, creating a thermal barrier against outside air and better temperature control.
  • Resists heat flow with an R-value of
    • R-15 in 2 x 4 construction
    • R-23 in 2 x 6 construction
  • One product, one inventory, two applications.
Energy Conservation
  • Reduces fuel usage and utility bills for heating and air conditioning.
  • Each bag contains the equivalent of over 46 recycled bottles, with a minimum of 50% post consumer recycled glass content.
Noise Reduction
  • Improves Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings by 4 to 10 points.
  • Blows fast and smooth.
  • Non-combustible, non-corrosive.
  • Will not rot, mildew or deteriorate.
Jet Stream® ULTRA blowing wool insulation provides you with a choice of R-values based on the installed thickness and installed weight per square foot. The tables to the right show the minimum requirements for obtaining the desired R-value. The stated thermal resistance (R-value) is provided by installing the required number of bags per 1,000sq. ft. of net area, at not less than the labeled minimum thickness (per the manufacturer’s instructions). Failure to install both the required number of bags and at least the minimum thickness will result in lower insulation R-values. Field blending of this product with other loose fill insulation or application of this product in conjunction with adhesive or binder systems may affect its thermal performance and is not recommended by the manufacturer. FRAMING ADJUSTMENTS
As shown in the table on the last page, to compensate for the framing members in open attic applications, the number of bags per 1,000 sq. ft. of area. SPECIFICATION COMPLIANCE
  • ASTM C 764; Type I
  • HH-I-1030B; Class B
  • Certified to GREENGUARD standards
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certification and verified to be formaldehyde free.
  • Knauf Insulation Jet Stream® ULTRA Glass Mineral Wool Blowing Insulation is manufactured with a minimum of 50% post consumer glass content and UL Environment verification every 6 months.
Surface Burning Characteristics
  • Does not exceed 25 Flame Spread, 50 Smoke
  • Developed when tested in accordance with ASTM E 84 and CAN 4-S102.2.
Critical Radiant Flux (ASTM E 970)
  • Greater than 0.12 W/cm2.
Moisture Vapor Sorption (ASTM C 1104)
  • 5% maximum by weight.
Corrosion (ASTM C 764)
  • No greater than sterile cotton.
Microbial Growth (ASTM C 1338)
  • Does not support microbial growth.
  • Non-Combustibility (ASTM E 136)
  • No temperature rise above 54°F (30°C).
Equipment Required
To achieve labeled R-value, this product must be applied with a pneumatic blowing machine and a corrugated hose with a minimum internal corrugation, a minimum length of 150′ and a diameter of at least 3″. Coils in the hose should not be less than 36″ in diameter. Acceptable material feed rate is 5-35lbs/minute. The recommended feed rate is 15-25lbs/minute. For closed cavity applications, netting must be applied. Packaging
  • Jet Stream® ULTRA Blowing Insulation is packaged in a strong, white poly bag that offers excellent protection from abuse, dust and moisture.
  • Knauf Insulation® packages are lightweight, stack without slipping and are easy to handle and store.
Glass Mineral Wool and Mold
Glass mineral wool insulation will not sustain mold growth. However, mold can grow on almost any material when it becomes wet and contaminated. Carefully inspect any insulation that has been exposed to water. If it shows any sign of mold, it must be discarded. If the material is wet, but shows no evidence of mold, it should be dried rapidly and thoroughly.


The BIBS system can only be installed by trained and certified contractors. It is backed by a professional warranty only when installed correctly by a certified BIBS system contractor. Find a Certified BIBS System Contractor using the below locator:
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